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Strange as it may sound, allergies to fleas are common in dogs and cats. The symptoms are slightly different for each species.

In cats, flea allergies usually manifest themselves as scabby spots that develop around your cat's neck and down the back. In more severe cases, raw, bald spots (hot spots) may develop as well.

Allergic dogs typically develop itchy, irritated skin on the rump. The classic case is the raw "hot spot" that develops right at the base of the dog's tail, although the problem can appear on the dog's hips or elsewhere on the back.

Allergies to fleas can debilitate both dogs and cats, evidenced by listlessness and a general "sickly" appearance. Hot spots can become infected, which puts a further strain on the animal's system and is usually indicated by an unpleasant odor from the animal's skin. Left untreated, the condition worsens and the pet's health declines.

In areas where fleas are seasonal, symptoms usually begin in the spring when the weather warms up (and the fleas become active) and improve as the temperature drops in the fall. In our year-round mild climate in Southern California, fleas are a year-round nuisance, and allergic pets show symptoms all year. Due to the constant exposure, about 80% of dogs in our area develop a flea allergy during their lifetimes.

If you check out our testimonial page, you'll note that many of our happiest customers are people whose pets are allergic to fleas. These folks love our Flea Treats for good reason: Flea Treats are the only flea solution that prevents the flea from ever getting on your pet. For pets with allergies, preventing contact with the flea is the key to solving the problem. Topical solutions require the flea to land on the pet (and maybe bite) before the insecticide kills them. Hormonal oral products require the flea to bite, then they sterilize the flea. Neither of these approaches is beneficial to an allergic pet, because a single bite is all it takes to activate the allergic reaction. Our Flea Treats protect your pets from fleas before the flea gets on your animal. In addition, the b vitamins are critical to skin and coat health. Flea Treats are a good source of the b vitamins your pet needs to regain its health following an allergic outbreak.

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