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Important announcement! We will close each year from January 15 through January 31. Please plan accordingly, as we will ship orders placed during this time beginning on February 1, or the first business day after February 1. We'll respond to inquiries placed during this time on February 1, or the first business day thereafter, as well. Thank you.


Flea Treats keep fleas (and ticks!) off your pets. They're free of hormones and insecticides. They're reasonably priced. They're guaranteed. They're safe, healthy treats, too!

You might be wondering how we do that. Read on....
Flea Treats bottleFLEA TREATS are a B vitamin complex, specially formulated for dogs and cats. They're flavored with real liver--your pet will love them. When you keep Flea Treats in your pet's system, after about 10 to 20 days, the vitamins cause your pet to develop a natural repellent.

You can't smell it, and your pets aren't bothered by the repellent, but fleas don't like it. So they stay off your pet completely.

Flea Treats are safe and natural--no hormones nor insecticides. The B vitamins are also the vitamins to promote your pet's healthy skin, shiny coat, and well-functioning nervous system. We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee, as well.

What makes Flea Treats so special? Plenty.

Take effectiveness, for example. While insecticidal and hormonal products affect the fleas (or their reproductive ability) after the flea contacts your pet, Flea Treats prevent the fleas from contacting your pet in the first place. That's a difference worth thinking about.

Safety? Flea Treats are available without a prescription, because they're safe. Flea Treats protect your pet without exposure to insecticides or hormones. Puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing pets--Flea Treats are actually good for them. Think about that.

Convenience? Flea Treats are tasty treats for dogs and cats. Safe, natural, effective flea control is as easy as feeding treats to your pet each day. No visits to the vet. No dips, no sprays, no messy toxic yard treatments. Flea Treats protect your pet from the fleas that are out there. Period. You'll save lots of time. Time for a walk with your best friend, or a round of catnip-enhanced games. And then some. More free time is something we all could use, isn't it? Think about it.

Cost? Of course, only the best will do for your best friend. That's why you're here, learning about Flea Treats. But it doesn't hurt if you can save some money at the same time. Flea Treats cost about $2.99 per month for a cat or small dog, about $5.98 per month for a 70-pounder. Chances are, you'll save money with Flea Treats. That's a difference you hardly need to think about.

Peace of mind? Flea Treats are made to USP human grade standards. You could eat them, though since they're designed to be tasty for your pets, we doubt you'd enjoy the real liver flavor. That reassurance is worth thinking about.

What else can you do here? Well, you can take a peek at our pets, who are truly amazing, if we do say so ourselves. You can check out our pet care tips and learn new ways to take good care of your best buddy. We add a new tip each week or so and maintain an archive of previous tips. You can learn all about Project Happy Birthday, a little program we've begun to encourage everyone to help needy pets, little by little. This page also includes a terrific resource: links to many animal welfare groups' web sites. One of them may have the fur-face, or the answer to a question, you've been looking for! Check out our live tour schedule to see if we're coming to your town this year. If so, come by, say hello, and benefit from special prices that we offer on the road. You can also read some of the great letters that our customers have sent to us. Come. Sit. Stay--Enjoy!!

Download these files to help provide great care for your pets!
Click on the dog to download a handy chart to keep track of daily pet care tasks at your house. (The chart is for all kinds of pets, not just dogs.)

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Click on the cat to download a form you can provide to a petsitter detailing your instructions for your pet's care. (The instruction form is for all kinds of pets, not just cats.)

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